By: Erina Sookiasian

Kearny says, “A poem does not unfold or evolve; it is ‘knit," as a writer or poet myself, I agree on the style of writing, that it is words interlocking is a unique way creating multiple meanings, or a different meaning for each person that reads it. He takes the idea of "vertical time" and applies it to anyone "the most scattered and disunited being achieves unity." Poetry is not about right or wrong or the deeper meaning we try to give it. It all depends on the writers opinion, perspective, and how they felt that morning when they wake up.

The poems seemed basic to me, they did not send guidelines, just a general understanding of nature and the human nature of people. Moore's poem on the trail gives the reader a sense of adventure, a fell to explore and leave our own 'scar' on this earth. We pave our own trails, no two are alike, but if two roads were ever to cross paths, merge, or become parallel then there is a chance to come together and make the global change we are hoping for.

- - - 

By: Ramon-Alberto Alejo

According to my understanding of the reading, Kearny states that Bachelard defines the poetic instant as a “harmonic relationship between opposites” (p. 38). To further support the theory, Kearny explains Bachelard’s idea of Vertical Time. Vertical time is the principle of an essential simultaneity in which the most scattered and disunited being achieves unity…the continuity of sequential time. Time no longer flows, it shoots up” (p. 38). I personally have been involved in spoken word presentations and I support many other artists as well. When I listen to a good piece that is spoken into a crowd, I start to imagine the words and see the picture painted by the poet. In this moment, time stands still, the poet proceeds to take that moment and heighten the emotions of it with carefully selected words and descriptions. This description of good poetry coincides with the idea of vertical time. A harmonious interaction between the beautiful and sublime, although often seen as two complex entities, would be considered Poetic instant if the joining of the two is successful.

In the poem by Jeffers, paints a picture of a rock that as seemingly been through much tarnish due to weather, but because it is a rock it has been able to withstand its tribulations because it is strong. Perched upon the rock is a bird that also symbolizes strength and in addition symbolizes beauty. In my opinion, this is an example of poetic instant, because it creates harmony between the simple rock that has gone through much wear and tear and the beautiful bird, its commonality is its strength. Also, the poet does well in taking his moment and this image and heightening it to another level so a reader can imagine the beauty it signifies. This in essence is Vertical time.

- - - 

By: Roaldin Fernandez

Poetry is the study of principles or values of the current moment.  Poetic instant unifies all the important principles in one single moment that makes time travel straight in one direction rather than a flow of various paths.  A real poem stops time and introduces vertical time and a harmony between opposites, it create two emotions that are the beautiful and the sublime. The beauty of it is that every principle or entity that are not unified come together into place naturally transforming various principles into one coherent principle.  As where the sublime is the passing of time around oneself, were the environment of opposing ideals contradict the vertical time that one is currently in.  You change and in a sense are enlightened while everyone else stays the same and do not have the same agenda.  Nature should be seen as the poem.  As Bachelard describes it will create a singular ideology that creates vertical time where principles fall into place naturally between humans and the natural environment.  This will change the view of the ecology from an object to a subject.

The multiple poems are guidelines in terms of vertical time because they all head towards the direction of the unification of the outer and inner which are humans and nature. In "Axe Handles" the axe and the handle when put together help shape growth.  It is a cycle where the materials of the axe are taken from nature that is transformed into tools that in turn help shape the environment.  Thus it is growth within a cycle. The rock in "Rock and Hawk" is a natural element that is strong; it has been tested by challenges and is still standing.  The rock's meaning as well as the falcon's never changes; it always stays true and should replace the cross as a symbol for a religion.  However, these poems do create the opportunity for different vertical times because each person will interpret these poems differently from others.  It will perhaps create opposition rather than unification.

- - - 

By: Armig Boghigian

Bachelard believes that poetry is vertical and so it only has meaning in height or as I interpret it, as a moment in time that does not linger forward. It only has meaning in that instant, when it is read. Beauty and the sublime are often are connected, but they can also exist independently of each other. A poem according to Bachelard would be categorized as sublime because it is something that raises your senses, or emotions to a higher level.

With ecocriticism, literature can be understood as an aesthetic and cultural part of the environment. Since literature consists of “meaning, value, language, and imagination” it is connected with metaphysics. Metaphysics and poetry allows the understanding of unfamiliar and sometimes difficult ideas. Humans and nature can merge as objects and subjects through poetry because it attempts to create a relation to emotional situations.

“Rock and Hawk” by Robinson Jeffers illustrates how humans and the natural world are connected. They will only survive if they recover the vision of the complex itself, to consider with clear-eyed, personal indifference the health of the whole. “But this; bright power, dark peace; Fierce consciousness joined with final Disinterestedness;” states that human self-interest must be overcome. We must show a deep concern and concern towards nature in order to prosper. This poem expresses the need for global change.